what we do


100  Strong Personal Training is an exclusive coaching facility available to  individuals who want to improve their general health, strength and  well-being.

100  Strong Personal Training is the driving force behind the development of Australian Professional wrestlers - we also provide strength & conditioning programs for amateur and professional athletes or to anyone  just wanting to look, feel and move better.
Our methods at 100 Strong are based on thousands of hours of experience and application. We pride ourselves on over-delivering and the approach  that is taken with our clients. We coach and educate our clients on the  fundamental movements, nutrition, the science behind the programming and  how they interact with each specific person and inspire them to believe  in themselves and reach success.
Why  "100"? This comes from our belief in having a 100 percent commitment  and all-or-nothing mindset. Jake Males coached his first 100 clients  based on foundations and core values that are still the base of our  programming today. 

Personal Training


 Please see our personal training page for more information on individualized private sessions 

Pro-wrestling / Athletic development programs


 We provide Strength & Conditioning  programs for amateur/professional athletes. and developmental programs  for Pro-wrestlers. Please see page for more information. 

Consulting / Programming


 We offer programming and consulting for  people who are unable to train in our facility but still want to train  under our methods. Please contact for more information